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Hey, everybody! I’m Joe Crivello-Sorensen. I’m proud to bring the national Mold Proof line of services back home to us in Colorado Springs, CO. As a Moldologist™ Authorized Contractor, we have access to the most advanced mold mitigation products in the world. We are able to get ongoing training and certifications in mold prevention, remediation, indoor air quality and lots more. Read below to get a taste of my history.

What Makes Mold Free Now Unique?

26 years ago I was a chef at the Sundance Mexican Restaurant in Red River, New Mexico. The carpets were dirty and needed to be cleaned but I couldn’t find anyone locally to do it. I rented a portable carpet machine and got to work. My banker saw me and asked if I would do the bank also. Others followed and pretty soon I was cleaning the whole town! I developed a passion for the work and liked meeting so many different people that I decided to make it my full time occupation.

Then came the frozen pipes…

Before long there were homes and businesses in the area that were flooding from frozen pipes that had burst. That’s when I went to school and became certified in water damage restoration … studying drying techniques and realizing there was a lot more to this than simply sucking up some water.

Mold Allergies, Sickness, or Poisoning, Whatever you want to call it…my wife got it! The house we were living in had hidden mold behind the walls and attic and my wife was getting very sick. This was back in early 2000 before mold was “in the news” like it is today. I went to the best mold remediation school in the nation and became a certified mold specialist.

My first hand experience with mold and the health issues that it can cause has made me somewhat of a crusader, but not an alarmist. There is still a lot we don’t know about the hazards of mold contamination and I am constantly updating my education on the subject.

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