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Mold Proof Advantages

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We have years experience in Colorado and the surrounding areas of Colorado Springs, and are proud to bring the ongoing training, networking and products of the National Mold Proof Network to our clients. As a Mold Proof Contractor, we have access to continuing education, and the confidence of bearing the endorsement of the Mold Proof brand.

The Mold Proof Guarantee

  • Gives you unparalleled perfection.
  • For new & existing construction.
  • Transferable (unlimited) to all future owners.
  • Applies to residential, commercial and institutional.
  • The best in the industry!

Property History Report

  • Comes with each annual inspection.
  • Documents the health of your home.
  • Secures your property value.
  • Increases buyer confidence when you sell.
  • Can decrease resale time.

Permanent Mold Prevention

  • Guaranteed prevention of future mold growth!
  • Eliminate potential repair costs from mold remediation.
  • Interior and exterior treatments are available.
  • Reduce your liability from the health concerns that mold brings.

An Eco Friendly Company

  • Committed to environmentally friendly methods.
  • We follow the “Reduce, Reuse,
  • Recycle” mindset as a company.
  • Check out the Eco Friendly page to learn more!
  • The Mold Proof process even reduces your heating & cooling costs, and prevents wood destroying organisms.

Fun People

  • Yes, we’re professionals, but we think we’re pretty cool too.
  • We’re pumped about getting the word out on mold prevention. It’s so great to be able to get rid of the stuff!
  • Want to find out why we love our job so much? Contact Us to get started today!

Call Today For Your Free- "MoldFreeNow™" Inspection


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